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The New MST3K Season has Arrived and More

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We Have New MST3k Season Sign.

Only about 25+ years later, we have a new MST3K season: Season 11, which has 14 episodes and I’ve watched several times now. I’ve been cheering this comeback on for s long time and was one of the backers, in fact. That’s an exclusive group, mind you, of people that had some money to burn and know how to use a website to donate. “Donate” isn’t accurate: in return, we get new 1 new season at least and some cool swag. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a season 12. MST3K fans are loyal and ravenous. We watch the same shows over. And over. And Over. That’s great for Netflix and the creators.

In other exciting news, has launched. And yes, I snagged “Zap” as a username, so don’t bother.

the zapper

My review as a web developer and designer is that it stinks, and not in a funny Pod People way. It really stinks. And I know there are a lot of programming nerds that are Mystery Science Theater fans that think the same. They must. But whatever. I’m just surprised at what a crappy job they did of hiring a firm to set them up with a decent site, and especially the number of MST3K fans that would love to do it for free. Like me, for example. That reads like sour grapes or the words of a very negative person, which I don’t like resembling, but it’s my true unbiased opinion.

I wrote a review of the new MST3K shows that’s ongoing, in order to be as fair as I can, of the new shows. I hope they’re still getting their footing and learning how to manage such a large number of crew and “involved people.” There are a lot, compared to the original. I hope it’s not a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. Or any number of things that can cause failures in management. I know something about management, marketing management, and project management.

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